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U.S. born to Eritrean parents, the rich tradition of the Eritrean culture has played an important role in Sabrina’s life. Growing up, Sabrina’s family spoke only their native tongue of Tigrinya ensuring that her Eritrean roots remained an important element of her life moving forward. Having traveled to Eritrea on numerous occasions since childhood, she has witnessed the beauty of Eritrea with her own eyes. Proud of her Eritrean heritage despite the current harsh conditions, Sabrina’s unconditional love for fellow Eritreans shines through.


Upon graduation from George Mason University, Sabrina worked at The World Bank in Washington, D.C. assisting in the reduction of poverty in developing countries. While working at The World Bank, she became aware of the under-representation of Eritreans in the media industry. Upon this realization, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in media relations. Sabrina firmly believes the powerful and ever evolving influence of media will play a major role in the mission to aid and assist the voiceless people of Eritrea.


In 2016, Sabrina was nominated and selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to the position of Honorary Representative and High-Profile Supporter established to assist Eritrean refugees.


In 2017, Sabrina launched RefuCare, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the Eritrean refugee camps in the Horn of Africa. In 2018, The Forgotten, a documentary on Eritrean refugees produced and directed by Sabrina Aman released in an effort to gain awareness to the plight of the Eritrean refugees, a topic that has become so near and dear to Sabrina’s ongoing humanitarian mission.


Jamil Aman

A loving father of four, Jamil is known for his inspirational work as a humanitarian and his dedication to the improvement of the lives of Eritrean refugees worldwide. Born in Eritrea, in the neighborhood of "Gaza Berhanu", he became a political activist at the age of 14. His political involvement led to his imprisonment for what were considered radical activities in 1972. His love for his country led him to become a member of the Eritrean Liberation Front, a group that helped liberate him from prison in 1975. Jamil moved to Qatar in the late 1970s and began working with the Department of Justice in Qatar as well as one of world's top telecommunication companies - QTel. He is currently a member of the Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change (ENCDC), working with the Refugee Department to find solutions to the refugee crisis. His commitment and dedication to serving humanity has influenced Sabrina and has given her the same drive to serve others. Additionally, Jamil continues to work vigorously to unify Eritrean Christians and Eritrean Muslims, as he believes there is tremendous strength in unity. His dream is to see a democratic Eritrea that will allow all Eritreans to return to their home country and live in peace.

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