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The forgotten

The Forgotten


The Forgotten tells the story of one young woman’s risky journey into the hostile, poverty-stricken Eritrean refugee camps in Sudan.


Her journey will open your eyes to those who thought their lives, their stories, and their voices were…forgotten.

What she uncovered opened her eyes to the conditions that these refugees live in every day. She encountered many dangerous obstacles during her journey, but made it back in one piece to share their stories and to be the international voice for the Eritrean refugee crisis.


The film is a terrifying look into this little known world, often humorous, visually stunning and unequivocally life-altering.
Through this film, the forgotten will have a chance to be seen and remembered. 

The intent and mission for this documentary is to raise awareness worldwide, so together we can lend aid and improve the distressed lives of the forgotten refugees in the camps. 


Photo of Sabrina Aman with a baby who has been crying since birth. The cause of illness is unknown and the mother can not afford healthcare. 


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